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Talent Concept

People-oriented, fair, harmonious and win-win


Rooted in the same soil, symbiotic. In constant force, value and concept of sublimation so that we continue to forge ahead and beyond, grow together. Hefei Constant from birth, grow so far, and gradually formed a "people-oriented, fair, harmonious and win-win" concept of talent.

People-oriented - Hefei Constant management process adhere to each employee as a starting point and center, focusing ability and integrity, moral priority employment mechanism, inspire and mobilize each employee's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, the statue was to create a relaxed, Love, Yucai, with only the environment, people and businesses realize common development.

Fair and impartial - we advocate: promising only bit, bit shall promising, as long as you have the ability, as long as you work hard, as long as you put your heart in the development of equality of opportunity, equality of each employee to provide constant force and good development platform.

Harmony win - Harmony Health said, win-oriented, Hefei Constant has been to create sustainable development for the mission, and strive to promote the common development of individuals and businesses. Constant work together, grow together in harmony.



Salaries and benefits:

1, the wage is divided into three parts: basic salary, performance pay, year-end bonuses in three parts, in which the basic wage for their employees the ability to recognize and living allowance; merit pay is a reaction wage job performance; year-end bonuses is the company's profit sharing.

2, five insurance payments: for pension, unemployment, medical, work injury, maternity insurance and housing fund five;

3, enjoying the state's various holidays;

4, paid leave (at least one year of full-time employees);

5, Others: staff dining subsidies, transportation subsidies, housing subsidies, health examination, travel subsidies and other welfare system.



Application Process:

    Candidates submit resume -> Filter -> Notification interview -> Notification interview results -> Notification

    Note: 1) Submit Resume: You can apply online or email:

        2) Phone 0551 -5846904

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