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  • Name: All Kinds of Barrel Plating Automatic(Semi-Automatic)Line
  • Number: 024
  • Added time: 2014-08-05
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Application: The mass surface treatment of metal parts in machinery, Auto, military industries, such as Zn plating, nickel plating etc.

Project experiencesElectroplating production line for hardwares, Auto parts, Nd-Fe-B etc.

Features: Mature equipment structure, high reliability, mature and stable control system, simple and convenient technology editor platform, system has the online operation guide, control system has independent intellectual property rights.

Technical Specification: Track distance: 1m~3m, lifting weight 20~200kg; semi-automatic/ full-automatic

Option: Roller, computer monitoring system, barrel and rack mixed design project, Velocity adjustable roller and touch screen

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