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  • Name: Electronic Component Barrel Plating Automatic Line
  • Number: 019
  • Added time: 2014-07-28
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ApplicationThe mass plating production of chip component and micro metal partsPretreatment, silver plating, nickel plating and tin plating of chip components.

Project experiencesElectroplating production line for SMD and connectors etc.

Feature:The roller is optimal designed of technology according customers requirements.   Having reliable system, high efficiency, bright fine and uniform appearance. The line takes man-machine interface touch-screen control management. It can effectively monitor the data, PH, time and running conditions etcand is easy to adjust process parameter according to different process feature.

Technical Specification: Cantilevered crane, the running rate of crane: 0-25 m/min, lifting rate of crane: 0-12 m/min, the lifting weight: 50-100 kg.

Option: Special roller, solution online testing and automatic feeding, roller with speed regulator, computer control system, and rectifier automatic control.

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