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Constant product development of new lithium industry leader

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       October 24, 2013, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Constant company "to participate in joint research and development, and to undertake the manufacture of lithium powder China's first fully automated production line officially put into operation in Sichuan," were reported.


       The first production line is a constant force is lithium powder production line consists of four large roller kiln new structure and a completely new fully automated equipment consisting of, there are many design challenges. Hefei Constant In time, heavy task situation, and actively organize all resources to overcome the technical challenges, the production line will be delivered on schedule. The line broke through the limitations of the original "single furnace single line" equipment, forming the world's original "more than a drag" can be assembled one of the devices, which can greatly reduce equipment footprint, reduce energy consumption, save on labor costs for the user. Meanwhile, the exhaust gas treatment system is embodied in the green low-carbon energy system by gas adsorption, saturated crystalline, solid-liquid separation, and other procedures to achieve a zero exhaust emissions. After the equipment arrives Synergy scene, Constant organization strong on-site commissioning team, on-site equipment installation and deployment, overcoming difficult site conditions, day and night through the efforts of more than a month, the final completion of the full range of commissioning work on customer projects before production, guaranteeing the smooth completion of the large-scale production lines.


       Currently, the use of the equipment at the production site in good condition and stable performance. This marks the development of China's lithium industry has reached a new height in the future, Hefei Constant will continue to fly its own lithium-leading technology to help companies develop high-end equipment industry, opened a new chapter in the lithium battery industry.

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