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Hengli has successfully passed CSA certification

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Dec.26,2011, HAS Series Atmosphere Sealing furnace of Hengli Eletek Co.,Ltd has successfully passed the CSA certification.

CSA is the abbreviations of Canadian Standards Association, which was founded in 1919, is Canada's first industry standard for the development of the non-profit institutions. CSA is currently Canada's largest safety certification body, the world's best-known one of the security certification body. It provide certification on machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, health care fire safety, sports and entertainment of all types of security products.

The product of Hengli Company with CSA mark is HSA1503-0409ZNH Atmosphere Sealing furnace. The Canadian royal mint bought this furnace to anneal their metal product. On Dec.26, this furnace successfully get the CSA mark after passing through analysis, testing, gas pressure and component testing, submit corrective step, smooth correction and other steps.

To successfully passed CSA certification, it marks Hengli’s product reach the international standard in safety. Hengli’s furnaces are permitted to enter the market in Canada and North America. That means Hengli will provide more high security and high quality products and service to our customer in the future.

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