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R & D concept

Innovation and win the future

Innovation is the enterprise development, is to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is the key. Constant encouragement full learning to learn and promote innovation, innovation and development, learning more than constant innovation. Meanwhile, the positive external exchanges and cooperation, realize the times.


Research strength

Hefei Hengli Electronics is China Electronics Technology Group 43 Institute of subordinate units, has a unique background in scientific research strength. Currently, Constant has been reached with a number of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei Institute of Plasma Physics and other partnerships, joint efforts on the launch of new technologies and new materials research and development, complementary advantages.


R & D team

Constant research and development team is a forge ahead, thinking of the advanced team, with a large number of professional and highly skilled and experienced R & D and design technicians, R & D and technical personnel accounting for 40% of the total number of companies. In the field of electric heating equipment, a number of countries around the world to provide customers with a professional system solutions.


R & D experience

Hefei Hengli Electronics was established in 1992, now has nearly 20 years so far, focused on the development and production of electric heating equipment in the field of professional work, accumulated rich experience in thick film circuit, electronic packaging, electronic components, electronic materials, military electronics, solar photovoltaic, new energy lithium batteries and other related industries in the world leading level.

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