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Social Responsibility

Green Growth

Green growth is the Hefei Constant electronic equipment company's growth strategy for social development aimed at reducing the consumption of resources and energy, while reducing the company's own operating costs, reduce resource consumption.

Constant insisted: the development of energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption significantly improve operational performance and environmental performance, support for green economic development.


Protection of the environment

In products, services and business development, Constant fully consider the environmental requirements, the concept of low-carbon environmental aspects into product life cycle, through continuous product innovation, improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption; development of wastewater, waste gas, water treatment systems to reduce emissions and improve resource recycling rate; improve the efficiency of energy use and the company's products to help customers transition to a low-carbon and circular economy, promote the sustainable development of society.


Social Care

As a responsible corporate citizen, Constant has been keen to make a positive contribution to society for the state and the community. 2011, Constant and subsistence allowances to laid-off workers in difficulty Hefei donated winter supplies and books; 2013, Constant was a primary school in Hefei, donated a number of school supplies, sporting goods and household items to support the next generation of the motherland prosperous development.

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