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China Electronics Technology Group Corporation forty Institute (East China Institute of Microelectronics) is a national first-class research institute, specializing in the development and production of thick film hybrid microcircuits, special electronic materials and components, as well as supporting special equipment. Our products are widely used in major national projects and supporting tasks, and achieved higher authorities and customers widely recognized and praised.


As a national one class, forty-three its focus on technological progress of work. From the management, hardware and software, personnel and re-education and other aspects, and constantly improve the quality of talent and research and development capabilities, has successfully undertake a large number of national pre-research, models the task, cultivate a high-quality R & D and made the team. Focus on technological advances, we are always on the top of the quality of work, as the legislature by the task. The military has conducted a quality assurance system acceptance, ISO9001 implementation and Guojun marking certification. Through the above process, so that the quality of full awareness has been generally established and strengthened. For special supporting the small-volume, multi-species, short-cycle characteristics, forty-three focus on strengthening the reliability of the design, through the promotion of computer design and simulation to enhance the design process and standardize management, to ensure that the short period under conditions designed to a success.


As the situation develops, we are increasing civilian development and investment efforts, trying through institutional innovation and institutional reform, the restructuring of the respective companies conduct business in order to promote the company further on the scale, the level of the brand. In an increasingly competitive market environment in the respective companies and are fully aware of the quality, service, technology and economic importance to the user. Encourage and let companies where bold, standardize their operations, while the the quality, customer service, technical development and scale as the company's assessment of the key indicators in order to cultivate a number of well-known companies as soon as possible.

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