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Hengli Eletek Co. Ltd was established.


The first high performance thick film firing furnace in domestic Hengli manufactured come out.
Hengli developed "semi-automatic SMT," successfully and put into the market.


Undertake the push kiln, drying oven project, and formed Hengli H Series products.


The first "HRL-360 infrared hot air reflow oven" in China was developed successfully.
Military pre-research project "Micro-assembled multilayer substrate online testing system," passed technical appraisal


Developed floor-type infrared reflow oven, Model HZL-250

The first undertake high-temperature furnace project HTL-400H


Developed four series furnaces such as HZL series infrared reflow oven, HSL series belt type infrared firing furnace, HGL series drying oven, HTL series pusher kiln, and more than 10 products,


The professional team of industrial electric furnace established.

ZTE Corporation of Ecri Microelectronics merged Hefei Constant


Military pre-research project "Micro-bump flip assembly welding system," passed technical appraisal.


The first arch bridge-type large-scale nitrogen atmosphere furnace successfully developed.

The domestic initial (1480 degrees) high-temperature bell type oven put into service.


The Everbright Company of Ecri Microelectronics merged into Hengli and form two pillar industries: industrial electric furnace and surface treatment equipment.


Hengli website was built.

Hengli passed ISO9000 Certification

Fast firing furnace with best temperature uniformity was put into market.

The initial ABS oxidization line delivered.


The first full roller kiln with purification and drying was designed and manufactured; it was accepted by customers.

The first computer-controlled recycle AB pusher kiln was delivered smoothly.

The first APC atmosphere Bell furnace was designed and manufactured successfully.


The first belt type firing furnace of Hengli was exported to Austria.

The first steel substrate drying & firing combination furnace delivered successfully.

Hengli developed temperature profiler.


The largest convex roll chrome plating equipment was tested successfully

The first new full automatic nitrogen protection pusher kiln used for lithium iron phosphate powder firing process was developed successfully.


Hengli Brand and VI system were built.

A new generation of solar photovoltaic delivered.

The initial atmosphere box oven for pre-firing process of lithium iron phosphate powder was developed successfully.


Move to Ecrim industrial part located in the new &high tech development zone.

Obtain foreign trade right.

Successful entry into the field of semiconductor devices.


The standardized and modular design of electric furnace.

The nitrogen belt pre-firing furnace for lithium iron phosphate battery was developed.


Become the national new & high-tech enterprises

The nickel Co. rare metal plating equipment put into service.

The mass production of solar cells drying furnaces.  


Hengli eletek Co.,Ltd was officially opened, Hengli passed CE certification,

In the same year, Hengli broke the annual sale record of one hundred million Yuan.


Hengli achieved more than 100 orders of solar cells furnace

Hengli passed Canadian CSA certification.

Atmosphere belt furnace with 1000mm width comes out.


Hengli passed SGS certification, Hengli was awarded as provincial technical research center of electronic manufacture and electric heating equipment.

Hengli 20th anniversary.

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